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Enriching Lives, Together.

Enriching Lives, Together means we want to deliver more than financial success to leave behind a positive impact on our shareholders, employees, customers and communities. It describes how we like to work, in partnership, creating better things with collaboration.

It encompasses our overall driving commitment to not just operating sustainably, but creating a sustainable future.

Carbery At A Glance

Carbery was established in 1965 and remains one of Ireland’s leading producers of award-winning cheeses , advanced whey proteins and flavours.

Three specialist businesses sharing a common ambition, to enrich lives.

> Dairy

> Nutrition

> Taste

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Group Operational Highlights

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Reducing our global climate footprint

We strive to produce and deliver food responsibly – in a way that respects people, their nutritional requirements, and their environment. At the simplest level, this means providing more from less.

We apply global standards to manage the environment and how we engage with communities, and we work to continuously improve our performance.

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Growing our business, delivering added value and paying a leading milk price in West Cork gives us confidence in the future of dairy farming, and creates a viable future for farming where young people can see it as a path forward.

Cormac O’Keeffe,
Carbery Chairman

We are pleased to be able to report to our shareholders a successful year for Carbery. This is in the form of revenue and business performance. What I judge to be more important is that we managed this situation to build for our future.

Jason Hawkins
Carbery CEO

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Annual Report 2022

Review the Carbery performance for 2022 and how we have delivered on our purpose, enriching lives together.


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