Taste & Performance Combined

As experts in developing protein-based nutritional products, we are very familiar with the taste challenges that can often occur.

We work closely with our flavour division, Synergy, to combine our knowledge of whey protein with their flavour expertise. This unique combination of expertise means we have unrivalled ability to develop products that strike the perfect balance of exceptional taste and outstanding performance. 

Working in partnership with our customers, our flavour chemists, R&D scientists and application specialists can create delicious flavour solutions for specific audiences and formats.

Taste-For-Performance-Bottle-FIN Taste-For-Performance-Bottle-FIN Taste-For-Performance-Bottle-FIN

Stay Ahead of the Competition

As demand for protein ingredients and nutritional products moves from the niche sports arena to the highly competitive mass market, taste has become a key differentiator.

With a strong understanding of the nutrition market and access to the latest consumer insights, we can help you stay ahead of the competition.

Our extensive range of solutions – from core flavours to customised profiles – can help you develop winning results.

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Delivering a Balanced Flavour With a Clean After-taste

The use of functional and nutritional ingredients such as proteins, amino acids, micronutrients, functional ingredients and sweeteners can develop undesirable off-notes in food and beverages.

Synergy’s taste modulation solutions address challenges such as astringency, bitterness, metallic taste, sweetness enhancement and chalkiness across a wide range of formats.

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Research Programme

With experience of a wide variety of formats including protein bars, powdered beverages, RTDs, gels, gummies and snacks, our research programme unlocks solutions to key formulation challenges in the nutrition sector including:

  • Enhanced mouthfeel and indulgence in Whey Protein beverages
  • Flavour impact & hardness in protein bars over shelf life
  • RTD processing – Protein flavour interaction
  • RTD processing – Protein flavour interaction – Reduced bitterness in BCAA and hydrolysates
  • Sweetener reduction in protein beverages

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