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Infant Nutrition

Babies and infants need protein for healthy growth and development. There is nothing more important than nurturing the next generation and, while we recognise that breastfeeding is best, we’re proud to play a role in developing ingredients to support maternal and infant health.

From the natural grass-fed pastures of our family-owned farms to our 30 years of industry experience and research, we provide the highest quality fully-traceable whey protein ingredients for specialised infant formulae.

Infant nutrition

Performance Nutrition

Whey protein is the superior protein of choice for athletes. If you are looking for the perfect balance of exceptional taste and outstanding performance, we can help you create great tasting products backed by our nutritional and sensory science expertise.

Performance nutrition

Clinical Nutrition

Patients with acute and chronic diseases need the right nutritional support to optimise their body functions, improve treatment outcomes and aid recovery. We develop specialised whey protein ingredients that are precisely formulated for use in a variety of clinical nutrition applications.

Clinical nutrition

Health & Wellness

Beyond the traditional role of growth and repair, whey protein can play a strategic role influencing metabolic health to help active individuals stay healthy and keep doing the things they love. We develop innovative solutions based on whey protein that are clinically proven to impact glycemic management, insulin sensitivity and body composition.

Health & Wellness

Insight & Innovation

Explore our innovation platform, targeting solutions for specific life-stages and needs.

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Sustainable Nutrition

Sustainability matters to our customers and it matters to us. We’re committed to building relationships with customers, suppliers and local communities that are respectful and mutually beneficial.

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