Carbery Group confirms March milk price and announces weather support package for farmer shareholders

West Cork, 19 April 2024 Carbery and the four West Cork co-ops (Bandon, Barryroe, Drinagh and Lisavaird) have come together to announce a package of supports for their farmer shareholders, who are experiencing significant challenges due to recent and prolonged wet weather conditions.

Carbery will provide a 5 cpl payment on all March milk volumes, in recognition of the difficulties farmers are experiencing due to the extended period of above average rainfall.

In addition to this, the West Cork co-ops have been providing other relief such as rebate programmes, extended credit, subsidised feed costs and fodder support. 

Carbery Chairman Cormac O’Keeffe stated “This has been a very difficult period for farmers and I along with my fellow board members strongly believe that we have a duty to support farmers where we can here.  We hope that this initiative provides some measure of relief for our farmer shareholders. We support the other calls by the dairy sector to extend flexibility and practical support to farmers as they manage this difficult situation.”

Carbery CEO Jason Hawkins stated “Our main purpose in Carbery as a co-op is to support our farmer shareholders as and when they need it. The diversified nature of our business allows us to do this when the circumstances call for it. It is clear that the ongoing weather, in particular rainfall, is causing widespread problems for our shareholders.”

In addition to the weather support package, Carbery has also increased their base milk price for March by 1cpl. Carbery is also continuing to support milk price from its stability fund with a contribution of 1cpl. If this decision is replicated across the four West Cork co-ops; Bandon, Barryroe, Drinagh and Lisavaird, this will result in an average milk price of 42.19cpl, inclusive of VAT, 0.5cpl SCC bonus, FutureProof sustainability bonus and stability fund support. This price increases to 47.43cpl (including VAT) with the 5cpl support payment for the month of March.


* The Carbery FutureProof sustainability bonus payment for qualifying suppliers represents a maximum of 1cpl for suppliers who meet all four criteria.

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