Hydrolysed whey protein at its best

Optipep®Sports is a fast-acting whey protein with a unique amino acid and peptide profile that offers the perfect balance of taste and performance impact.

Sports supplements are specially formulated to help athletes achieve specific nutritional or sporting performance goals. Recovery is key to managing the stress of intensive training loads elite athletes and driving adaptation. It is this adaptation that is the path to better performance, and whey protein fuels it.

Optipep® Sports is a hydrolysed whey protein that contains optimal levels of dipeptides, tripeptides and free amino acids. This maximises the absorption capacity and effective delivery of essential protein nutrients to facilitate muscle growth, repair, refuelling and recovery.

As the sports nutrition market evolves and segments, as a single or leading protein ingredient, Optipep® Sports included as a single or leading protein ingredient enables your brand to target specific customer groups with a hydrolysed 100% whey protein label claim.
Optipep® Sports is available in two portfolio variants.

  • Optipep® Sports 90 hydrolysed whey protein isolates – high protein,
  • Optipep® Sports 80 hydrolysed whey protein concentrates – outstanding functionality.

Optipep® Sports outperforms others in consumer taste tests

Optipep® Sports is unlike any other hydrolysate, it was designed by sports scientists for performance nutrition, and built on in-depth sensory insights with the North Carolina State University (NCSU). An independent consumer research study ranked Optipep® Sports above others across a range of sensory characteristic. As a product developer Optipep® Sports offers you greater creative scope to bring great tasting, sports nutrition products to market. So you can offer athletes greater flavour variety and satisfaction.

The unique flavour and nutritional profile of Optipep® Sports means it can be enjoyed everyday as a pre-workout, during exercise or as part of a recovery programme.

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  • Rapidly digested and absorbed
  • Digestive comfort for heavy protein users
  • Increased amino acid availability to stimulate muscle protein synthesis more effectively and optimize muscle growth
  • Refuel muscle glycogen stores to increase training intensity
  • Repair muscle damage and reduce muscle soreness post exercise to reduce recovery time
  • Adapt faster to intense training regimes to achieve higher performanceLead applications• Pre- and post exercise protein supplements for strength & muscle building
  • Post exercise recover products
  • Formats suitable for powders, RTD, bars and tablets

Would you like to find the perfect balance between taste and performance in your sports nutrition products? Learn about how we can help.  Click here to download our Optipep®Sports technical brochure in English. It is also available to download in Dutch, and German.


Optipep® Whey protein hydrolysates
Features • Low, mild or extensively hydrolysed (DH 5-40%)
• Predigested proteins with a unique peptide composition
• Excellent biological value. Rich source of essential amino acids (EAA) and naturally high in branched chain amino acids (BCAA); leucine, isoleucine, valine.
• 100% natural
• Low lactose
• Low fat options
• Kosher and Halal approved
• Suitable for vegetarians
• Produced to the highest quality standards
• Fully traceable to farm source


Strengthen your project – meet your goals.

We build collaborations to help you exceed your goals. No-one understands protein performance and taste perfection like we do.  Our dedicated hydrolysis process and proprietary technology unlocks the power of whey to create exclusive health-enhancing protein ingredients. As a founding partner in a unique research consortium, we offer our customers greater insights into sports science and especially our researching into a number of recovery processes including;
– reducing the incidence of illness and injury through enhanced immune modulation
– optimising oxidative stress to achieve maximum adaptation to training.

Our sports and protein scientists can help > share the latest research insights to inform your innovation pipeline, discuss optimising nutritional strategies for better athletic performance or simply recommend which Optipep®SN helps you hit your brief.

See our flavourists in action > using unique characterisation techniques to optimise the choice of flavours with different protein bases, so you get the best flavour impact.


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