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Our Focus Areas

We have been researching the benefits of whey protein for decades.

In addition to the widely recognised whey protein benefits for the growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass and satiety, we have conducted pre-clinical and clinical studies in the following areas:

  • Metabolic & performance outcomes
  • Glycaemic management
  • Appetite modulation
  • Maintenance of lean muscle mass in ageing populations
  • Inflammation & immunity
  • Nutritional support for muscle mass, recovery and exercise performance gains

Our Future Focus Areas

We continue to diversify our portfolio to include fermented proteins, which can help with maintaining a healthy microbiome, focusing on microbial diversity & recovery, gut permeability & inflammation and overall positive digestive health and comfort.

Discovering Potential

Our team of experts in hydrolysis, enzymology and protein science use the latest tools & techniques to investigate and understand the potential of whey protein.

These tools include:

  • Peptide profiling/fingerprinting
  • Bioactivity prediction & screening
  • Enzymology
  • Rapid prototype development & testing

Next Generation Protein Solutions

Our long-term innovation strategy will include exciting new product extensions to our range including:

These tools include:

  • Optipep® with enhanced functionality (High protein concentrations and heat stability)
  • Optipep® with targeted bioactivity for specific health conditions
  • Lactoferrin
  • BCAA’s that are suitable for vegans
  • Fermentates

Our Product Range

We produce the highest quality whey protein hydrolysates, concentrates and isolates.

We focus on maximising the nutritional and health benefits of whey across a wide range of applications, including powdered supplements, ready to drink (RTD) beverages, gels, bars and tablets. Because our ingredients have excellent dispersion, solubility and sensory characteristics, you can include them in a wide range of products.

See our full range
See our full range

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