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Innovation & Research

Our innovation pipeline is fuelled by our market led internal innovation programme and through our wide-ranging external collaborations and partnerships across the globe.

Our research partnerships grant us access to a large community of scientists and experts dedicated to advancing dairy science through cutting-edge research.

Our long-term research programme is focused on the following areas:

  • Culture innovation
  • Benefits of grass fed dairy
  • Health benefits of the dairy lipids
  • Process innovation
  • New scientific technologies

Culture Innovation

For decades we have worked with leading scientists in UCC (University College Cork) to ensure our culture library is unique.

Using cutting edge scientific disciplines, we continue to advance our extensive culture library for our innovation pipeline, providing us the flexibility to tailor our cheeses to specific taste and functionality requirements.

Food for Health Ireland

We are part of Food for Health Ireland (FHI), which seeks to improve global health through innovation in food. For more than a decade, we have been developing bespoke research and technology to uncover ingredients and foods that improve health and wellness.

Our research spans from scientifically understanding dietary patterns to human intervention trials exploring the benefits of dairy-based food consumption. Research shows, for example, that cheese can play an important role in improving blood circulating lipid profiles. This shows that saturated fat from cheese does not raise LDL Cholesterol levels to the same degree as other saturated fat sources, even when consumed in large quantities. It appears the other nutrients present in cheese work in conjunction with each other to exert this cheese matrix effect.

The current research programme focuses on further understanding the role of dairy lipids as part of a healthy diet and their contribution to metabolic and cardiovascular health.

Through our research with FHI, we are also creating a “fingerprint” for Irish grass-fed dairy to explore the key differentiators such as nutrition, sensory attributes, sustainability and health benefits.

Dairy Processing Technology

Through our partnerships and research in the Dairy Processing and Technology Centre (DPTC) and Teagasc, we continue to explore the science behind the functional performance of cheese and how it benefits our customers around the world.

In our state-of-the-art, bespoke manufacturing facilities, we want to achieve operational efficiency, engineering design and process optimization to deliver consistently high quality cheese.

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