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We provide high quality cheese solutions made from grass-fed milk to customers around the world. Cheesemaking is both an art and a science.

Our dedicated team of scientists, culinary experts, cheesemakers and cheese graders work with local partners across Asia. We work in partnership with our customers to develop new and better solutions to ensure success in the marketplace.

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Our Dairy Story

Our cheesemaking journey starts with the rich Irish grasslands and the cows that graze there, supplying the highest quality premium milk for our market leading cheese.

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The Grass

Our grasslands thrive in Ireland’s temperate climate, so our farmers can produce milk all year round.

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The Cows

We believe in “healthy milk from happy cows” and care for our cows to the very highest standards.

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The Farmers

The 1,200 farmers who produce our premium quality milk are central to everything we do.

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The Milk

The 550m litres of high quality milk we process every year is 95% grass-fed and free of hormones and antibiotics.

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Our Research & Development team develop specific cheese recipes to meet our customers’ unique requirements

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The Recipe

Our in-house cheese culture technology and unique starter culture programme lets us create recipes tailored to our customers’ needs.

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Cheese Makers

Cheesemaking is both an art and a science, and we’re proud of the passion, skills and expertise of our cheesemakers.

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Cheese Making

Our state-of-the-art cheese-making facility can produce 64,000 tonnes of the highest quality cheese each year.

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Cheesemaking takes time and skill, and the length of the maturation process influences the taste and functional characteristics of the cheese.

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Cheese Selection

Our expertly trained inhouse graders test our cheese regularly as it matures to ensure it reaches the desired flavour and functionality.

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You will find our cheeses in all your favourite dishes, from ready meals to sauces, seasonings to processed cheese, and from bakery to pizza.

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The Chef

Our chefs are constantly researching global trends and finding new ways to use our cheese to delight consumers around the world.


Supply Chain Expertise

Over the past 50 years, we have developed a seamless sustainable supply chain and a best-in-class customer experience.


Our Customers

We work in partnership with our customers to develop new and better solutions so they stay ahead of the competition.

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Guaranteed Supply

We have the capacity to produce 300 tonnes of cheese each day, and all of our milk is grass-fed, with no hormones and no antibiotics.

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Our inhouse starter culture programme gives us the flexibility and agility to tailor our cheeses to specific markets, tastes or functionalities.

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Operational Excellence

Whether on our farms or in our processing operations, we operate to the highest standards of production excellence.

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Broad Portfolio

We have four core offers in our cheese portfolio: Natural Cheddar, Cheese Extra, Speciality & Pasta Filata

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