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Optimal Nutritional Support

The provision of timely and sufficient nutritional support is of utmost importance in patients with acute and chronic diseases to secure optimal body functions, improved outcome and faster recovery.

The digestion and absorption of nutrients, especially protein, can be impaired in such patients to a varying degree. Optipep® specialised whey protein hydrolysates have also shown positive nutritional benefits in specific conditions and need states, such as Protein Malnutrition, Critical Care, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Sarcopenia and Glycaemic Management.

The benefits of optimal protein

Because protein helps maintain skeletal muscle mass and strength it is particularly important for aging consumers. Muscle is a key site for storage (“a sink”) of nutrients after eating. Maintaining as large a “muscle sink” as possible contributes to a healthier body composition. Protein intake and healthy muscles help support strong bones. Consuming high quality protein in combination with resistance exercise helps to preserve healthy muscles providing seniors with better health and quality of life.

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Next generation whey protein ingredients

Informed by our expertise and experience in infant and performance nutrition, we are developing new protein ingredients targeted for use in clinical applications, including a compact complete nutrition beverage with a neutral taste that delivers up to 10% protein.

Find out more about our brands:

Optipep, our innovative range for specialised nutritional applications includes hydrolysed whey protein isolates (90% protein) and hydrolysed whey protein concentrates (80% protein). Targeted hydrolysis enzymatically digests the native proteins into smaller fractions and peptides. These are rapidly digested and absorbed delivering essential protein nutrients for growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Learn more about Optipep® Infant and Optipep® Sports.


The Optipep production process

Isolac, our whey protein isolate range, for use in performance nutrition, infant formulae, dietetic products and clinical nutrition, are high in protein (90%), low in fat and lactose. We use cross flow micro-filtration technology, a natural process that removes fat and lactose while concentrating the valuable whey protein fractions. Read more about Isolac here.>


Carbelac, our high quality whey protein concentrates offer great versatility across a wide range of food and beverages due to its functional (texture and mouthfeel enhancement) and nutritional (higher protein) benefits. Through ultrafiltration, we target premium concentrates with 35-80% protein. Read more about Carbelac here.>



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