Pioneering research and expertise in action

Through technology and insight, we drive new product innovation that creates value for our customers.

Our global innovation teams work to

    • identify and characterise new functional compounds
    • validate efficacy through physiological and functionality studies
    • study protein structure-function relationships through proteomics and bioinformatics
    • investigate flavour binding, particularly protein-flavour interactions, with a dual analytical – sensory science approach
    • excel in formulating new product applications with nutrition and taste appeal.

The depth of knowledge and diversity of skills within our R&D teams brings an entirely new dimension to our customers’s product innovation process. To create new ingredients that inspire and enable change, we focus our research and development on our three strategic pillars; Nutrition, Dairy and Taste.



We are researching the health promoting compounds naturally present in our raw materials and their impact on muscle function, lean body mass, metabolism, inflammation and immunity. This leads to new science-based ingredients for performance, infant and clinical nutrition which help to improve muscle health, mobility, insulin sensitivity, appetite control and immune protection.

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Dairy Technology

Since our foundation in 1965, we have always been an early adopter of new processes which has earned us an award-winning reputation in advanced whey proteins, dairy flavours and cheese. We continue to invest in new manufacturing platforms to drive product and process innovation in a more sustainable and cost efficient manner.
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Our flavour innovation is results driven and trends focused. With cutting edge capabilities, from extraction techniques, analytical platforms and sensory methodologies, we are well placed to deliver on flavour breakthroughs. Our latest advances in understanding flavour – protein interactions provides us with an unrivalled ability to help our customers develop protein-enriched products that offer exceptional taste and outstanding performance.
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We collaborate to innovate

Our culture is one of innovation. What sets us apart is our natural ability to generate exceptional synergies across these strategic pillars, breaking new ground in nutrition, taste perfection and sustainable dairy. Our global facilities foster our passion for collaboration and creativity. Together with our sales and marketing teams, who capture culinary trends and demographic insights, we help our customers to bring the best products to market quickly.

Our research and development teams have developed a unique network of innovation partnerships, defining and leading a portfolio of external research projects with world renown academics within relevant fields of research.

We play a significant number of roles in shaping nutritional research. As a founding partner of Food for Health Ireland (FHI), we help to prioritise the research focus, development and commercialisation of new functional ingredients with proven health benefits. We have a number of studies underway evaluating the health benefits of products within our nutrition, dairy and taste portfolios. Our customers benefit from the unique insights and huge diversity we offer in our research programmes supported by FHI’s outstanding research capabilities.  Through FHI, Carbery is helping to build better health, wellness and quality of life.