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At Carbery, we are dedicated to making high quality cheeses for both domestic and international markets. More than 90% of our sustainable milk supply, sourced directly from individual family farms in West Cork, is used to make our cheese.

We have a diversified cheese portfolio including the uniquely flavoured Dubliner Cheese brand; an exceptional quality Reduced Fat Cheese range; and many types of cheddar which cater for all flavour profiles from vintage and mature to versatile mild formats.

Our milk is used to make our award-winning cheese, high quality dairy ingredients and our advanced whey proteins. During cheese production, we produce curds and whey. The cheese curd retains the fat and casein protein while the whey contains valuable nutrients, in particular whey proteins, lactose and minerals. We extract these nutrients, through advanced separation and filtration techniques, to produce the successful and highly nutritional Carbelac® range of whey protein concentrates used widely in the food and nutrition industry. We are always looking to introduce new techniques and optimise processes to ensure we achieve the best value from our milk.

Quality credentials

Quality defines us. We start with the highest quality, fresh milk delivered daily from our farmer-owners. The skill and craftsmanship of our cheesemakers and graders helps us to create our distinctive flavour consistently across each range and to deliver the exact portion control in every block.

Our cheese processing facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified.


Award winning cheese

Year-on-year, Carbery continue to prove their worth by collecting a number of prestigious accolades at various international cheese awards.


International Cheese Awards, Nantwich, UK
Mature CheddarGold
Reduced FatGold
Special ReserveGold
Best Mature CheeseCo-Operative Food Award


International Cheese Awards, Nantwich, UK
Dubliner vintage special reserve cheddarGold
Extra mature special reserve cheddarGold
22% reduced fat cheeseGold
Best single vintage cheddarDSM Trophy


Royal Bath & West Show
Mature Block – ModernGold
Extra Mature Trad - ModernBronze
Extra Mature Block - ModernBronze
Reduced Fat Cheese – Hard ‘Cheddar Type’Silver


Royal Bath & West Show
Reduced Fat 22%Bronze
International Cheese Awards Nantwich
Extra Mature Cheddar - White or Coloured Bronze & VHC
Half Fat Cheese <17% Gold & VHC
Lighter Cheese 17% - 24% Gold & Bronze
Vegetarian Cheddar Gold
Cheese - any type of varietyVHC


Royal Bath & West Show
Mature CheddarSilver
Mild CheddarGold
Reduced Fat 22%Gold
Reduced Fat 14% Gold & Silver
International Cheese Awards Nantwich
Winner overseas cheddar outright award
Irish CheddarGold
Mild CheddarBronze
Extra Mature CheddarGold, Silver & Bronze
Half Fat Cheese 14%Bronze
Reduced Fat 22%Bronze
Reduced Fat Cheese 22%Gold
Vegetarian HardGold & Bronze


Royal Bath & West Show
Hard pressed Cheese other than Cheddar Gold
Reduced Fat 22% Gold & Bronze
International Cheese Awards Nantwich
Irish Cheddar Silver
Mild Cheddar Gold & Silver
Mature Cheddar Silver
Extra Mature Cheddar Gold & Bronze
Reduced Fat 22% Silver & Bronze
Half Fat Cheese 14% Gold
Reduced Fat Cheese 22% Gold & VHC
Vegetarian HardGold & VHC


International Cheese Awards Nantwich
Mature Cheddar Silver & Bronze
Extra Mild CheddarBronze
Mild Cheddar, White or ColouredSilver
Mature Cheddar, White or Coloured WBronze
Half Fat Cheese 14%Bronze
Reduced Fat Cheese 22%Silver, Bronze & VHC


Royal Bath & West Show
Film wrapped Cheddar Cheese, Made on or after 1st November 2009Silver
Hard pressed Cheese, Cheddar or any other variety Gold
Reduced Fat Cheese 17% – 22% Gold
Half Fat Cheese <17% Gold & Silver
International Cheese Awards Nantwich
Extra Mature Cheddar Gold, Silver & Bronze
Half Fat Cheese 14%Silver
Reduced Fat Cheese 22%Silver & Bronze
Half Fat Cheese 14%Gold


International Cheese Awards Nantwich
Mild Irish CheddarGold



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