The Professional Range

The Professional Range has been developed by Carbery Dairy specifically for the food service sector. In developing the range, we draw on the creative and practical expertise of our chefs, who collaborate extensively with our customers to deliver solutions that work for professional kitchens.

With a strong breadth of flavour profiles and high levels of functionality, our range has something for every chef.

The Professional Range includes:

Natural Cheddar

Our Natural Cheddars include Mild, Medium, Mature and Vintage profiles. Each of these are characterised by a rich, creamy dairy taste that is distinctive to Carbery Dairy. Our range of taste and functionality characteristics provide options for every menu.

Cheese Extra

The Cheese Extra range delivers exceptional functionality and unique taste, providing professional kitchens a point of difference over the competition. In a whole host of baking and cooking scenarios, these products hold their shape, while also delivering a distinctive umami flavour, lower browning and reduced oil out.

Pasta Filata

In response to the huge market demand we have invested in an expansion of our state of the art cheese making facility to allow us to produce Pasta Filata cheese including Mozzarella and Grilling Cheese.

Designed for pizza makers around the world, our high quality Mozzarella delivers a mild dairy taste for a broad range of applications, with a uniform yellow colour and an excellent stretch.

Our Grilling Cheese looks to replicate the more popular characteristics of halloumi cheese. With rich caramel notes, it is the perfect addition to bring variety to any menu.


The Speciality Range offers our customers an array of flavours from around the world to satisfy global taste preferences.

Our Inclusion Cheese is a unique, premium offering of bold and distinctive flavours. This range will add an extra kick to any dish. These cheeses are not reformed – the chillies, spices, pepper, and smoked flavour are added during the cheese making process.

Our Italian -Style Cheddars are ideally suited to add an extra depth of flavour to any recipe, particularly pasta and gratin dishes. They take 12 months or more to mature ad replicate the taste and functional qualities of parmesan.


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Our cheeses are available in a number of different formatting options, to suit the requirements for different kitchens and settings. We provide block, shred or sliced form, and can also offer a choice of flexible packaging sizes .

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