Carbery Dairy Product Range

At Carbery Dairy, our ethos is simple: everything we do is All for Cheese, from the first blade of our lush grass to the last bite of our premium cheese.

Carbery Dairy have developed a range of cheese that meet the unique taste and functionality requirements of our customers. Our cheese is ideally suited to a wide range of applications. We deliver multiple flavour profiles and a high level of functionality such as excellent stretch, slicability, good melting or low browning characteristics among others.

The Carbery Dairy Range includes:

Natural Cheddar

A mix of curd, mild, medium, mature and vintage cheddars providing a range with varying taste and functionality characteristics. As well as a functional cheddar portfolio specifically designed for further processing.

Cheese Extra

A highly functional range specifically designed for cooking and baking.

These products display structural strength, steady melt and reduced oil out during cooking and baking, together with a distinctive umami profile.

Pasta Filata

Mozzarella that delivers a mild dairy taste with a uniform yellow colour, minimal browning and excellent stretch.

Grilling cheese looks to replicate the characteristics of halloumi cheese, maintaining its shape during cooking and delivering rich caramel notes.


Delivering flavours from around the world, the inclusion range is unique as it is not reformed, the chillies, peppers and smoked flavour are added to the salted cheddar during the cheesemaking process.

Italian Style Cheese takes at least twelve months to mature and looks to replicate the taste and functional qualities of parmesan cheese.

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