Our cheeses have been developed for an ever-widening range of applications – from ready meals to sauces, from seasonings to processed cheese, and from bakery to pizza.


Designed for pizza makers around the world, our high-quality Mozzarella delivers a mild dairy taste for a broad range of applications, with a uniform yellow colour and an excellent stretch.

Chef’s Comment

“Carbery Dairy mozzarella produces a typical browning coverage of under 20%. Carbery Dairy mozzarella has a soft chew that disappears quickly in the mouth and produces a soft creamy mouthfeel. The flavour is deliciously mild, creamy and typical of a good mozzarella.”


The Cheese Extra range delivers exceptional functionality and unique taste in a whole host of baking scenarios. These products will hold their shape much better, while also delivering a distinctive umami flavour, lower browning and reduced oil out.

Chef’s Comment

In croissant application, Cheese Extra 22+ gives a number of functional and flavour benefits. It provides a more intense savoury note and delivers more umami. Functionally it is more heat stable with much lower oil out levels.

Ready Meals

Cheese Extra works particularly well in sauces or to add a rich, creamy taste to ready meals.  It is an ideal ‘best of both worlds’ solution in terms of maintaining a fuller fat taste with deep savoury notes and offers an excellent level of structural strength.

Chef’s Comment

In a cheese sauce for pastas, gratins and other dishes, Cheese Extra 14+ produces a great sauce with a creamy flavour and caramellic notes.


Processed Cheese

Functionality is key for processed cheese. Our wide range of functional cheese ensures we can meet the needs of processed cheese companies around the world.

Table Cheese

We offer a wide choice of flavour profiles, to suit the broadest range of consumer tastes and market preferences. Each of them is characterised by a rich, creamy dairy taste that is distinct to Carbery.

Chef’s Comment

Our mature and vintage variants are appreciated by cheese lovers all around the world, and are well worth the wait – up to three years for our vintage cheddar to mature!”

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