Our aim is to produce food products in a way, which does not harm the environment. This will be achieved by exercising care in all matters, which affect the environment.

Carbery Food Ingredients Ltd. (Carbery) recognises the importance of effective environmental management to both the Company and the wider environment. Carbery Group will co-operate with the appropriate authorities on environmental issues and are committed to meeting all applicable legislative and regulatory requirements.
Carbery have established environmental objectives and targets which are implemented, maintained and reviewed on a scheduled basis.

Emphasis is placed on employee environmental awareness and the importance of environmental factors for each employee in carrying out day-to-day activities. All employees are encouraged to actively support the environmental policy. The Utilities Manager and the Environmental Manger are the designated Senior Managers with the responsibility and authority for ensuring that the requirements of the Environmental Management Standard are implemented and maintained.

We are committed to the continual improvement of all environmental aspects and impacts associated with our operations, by following a systematic management in compliance with ISO14001, ensuring that opportunities for improvement in environmental KPIs are made and that the processes and content of all internal and external communications are defined.

Carbery strives for continual improvement in environmental performance in areas of activities which are appropriate, relevant and economically viable. This will find expression in:

1 – Prevention of pollution and minimisation of discharges
2 – Waste reduction and avoidance, recycling and reuse where appropriate.
3 – Conservation of energy and resources
4 – Examination of environmental impacts of all new processes, products and plant extensions.
5 – Support of local community environmental programmes.

Carbery is committed to a spirit of openness in all aspects of environmental affairs and will provide information to interested parties on environmental objectives and targets. We will also support applied scientific research in relevant environmental issues.

Carbery will integrate environmental considerations within the existing company management system by complying with the requirements of the Industrial Emissions IE Licence P0390-04 and other legal requirements.

Carbery is also committed to sustainability and biodiversity in all its operations and business from Farm to Customer and strives to enhance these principles.