Our People

With a growing global workforce of more than 700 people, we are committed to being a best-in-class employer, constantly improving our work standards and making Carbery Group a great place to work for everybody. We have a diverse, multi-cultural, multigenerational workforce, based in facilities all over the world. We strive to help our people progress and take control of their careers. Our approach is based on respect, continuous improvement and an absolute focus on safety, while encouraging our people to contribute to the betterment of both our business and the broader community.

Our Ways of Working

We have 25 employees from all aspects of the business participating in our WOW team. They work together to review our values, our ways of working and how we can evolve as a business. We have six distinct areas of focus with Respect as the foundational basis from which they have developed.


Growing Future Leaders

As Carbery Group continues to grow and expand, we need a pipeline of talent developing within our business, ready to take on leadership roles. Our Leadership Development Programme (LDP) is designed to develop high potential managers, providing them with an in-depth understanding of our business and preparing them for leadership.


Graduate Development Programme

We have invested significant resources in the development of our Graduate Programme. The programme is a stimulating blend of training, development and experience for the participants, helping to build competences, develop thinking and enhance future leadership potential – all while growing an international network of friends and colleagues.


Great Place to Work

Our US and Brazil offices achieved Certification this year. Our employees identified our core strengths as being: customer focus; corporate social responsibility; strategy and direction; job security; empowerment and accountability; and engagement.


Health and Safety

The health and safety of our employees is top priority. We focus on reducing the risks in the workplace and environment around them by providing training and safety programmes to ensure they can carry out their work safely.

SafeStart was introduced by Synergy US. It is a personal safety skills workshop aimed at reducing errors that cause injury not only at work but also at home or on the road.


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