Hydrolysed whey protein for high intensity training

Optipep 4Power

The science of training for performance is constantly evolving. Athletes across a broad range of sports and activities are increasingly building High Intensity Interval Workouts (HIIT) into their training routines. But have nutritional strategies evolved to help them gain optimal performance outcomes?

Optipep 4Power is a hydrolysed whey protein that, when taken before a high-intensity workout, helps athletes produce and sustain more power compared to whey protein concentrate. This is a potential game-changer for brands providing targeted nutritional solutions to consumers participating in sports such as CrossFit, Field Sports, Sprinting and Combat Sports.

Nutritional Strategies for High-Intensity Training: On-Demand Webinar

You can view our recent webinar where we discuss we look at the opportunities this market presents for sports scientists, nutritional product formulators and marketing teams.

The science comes first

We started with a simple idea. Is there an opportunity for our customers to provide targeted nutritional solutions to the growing number of athletes undertaking HIIT type workouts? So we commissioned a clinical study to investigate the metabolic and performance effects of differing nutritional strategies for this type of workout routine.

Key findings

Optipep 4Power taken pre-work out enabled the participants to generate more power for longer.

4.3 Percent
greater training-induced increase in Wingate mean power output

A 4.3% greater training-induced increase in Wingate mean power output was observed for the WPH group, indicating a greater capacity for power generation over the length of the sprint.

6.1 Percent
improved fatigue index for sustaining high-intensity exercise performance in Optipep 4Power group.

A 6.1% improvement in fatigue index indicates a greater capacity for sustaining high intensity exercise performance in the Optipep 4Power group.

Go deeper into the study

The complete findings from the study reveal additional learning and insights on:

  • Impact on muscle metabolism – mitochondrial gene expression and enzymatic activity
  • Pre-trial product design using bioinformatics screening tools and in vitro evidence
  • Critical characteristics and composition of Optipep 4Power

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Tested in the market place

In March 2020 we spoke to consumers who exercise more than twice a week and consume protein.

Their main goals are as follows:

  • 70% – To increase my fitness
  • 59% – To build my strength
  • 54% – To build more lean muscle
Pie chart

4 out of 5 respondents consume dairy protein

What they said when presented with Optipep 4Power:
Pie Chart 2
When presented with a variety of messaging on the product the most appealing statement was:

“Make every workout count with hydrolysed protein”

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