Stay in good shape with Carbery’s healthy ageing portfolio

Stand 4D47, Food Ingredients Europe,
Leading whey protein supplier, Carbery is launching a comprehensive portfolio of whey-based ingredients for healthy ageing at FiE 2011. Rich in branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) and highly bioavailable, whey protein promotes retention of skeletal muscle that naturally deteriorates with age – a key concern for over 50s. Carbery’s highly pure whey-based ingredients include whey protein concentrates, isolates and hydrolysates, suitable for fortification of a range of nutritional products including cereals, bars, beverages, meal replacements and supplements.

Loss of lean tissue mass, known as sarcopenia, currently affects more than 50 million people, with number of sufferers expected to reach 200 million by 2050. When sarcopenic losses reduce skeletal muscle mass below a critical threshold, activities of daily living are compromised and disability can occur. The need to address the growing consumer interest in healthy ageing has created a gap in the market for nutritional solutions designed for preservation and accrual of lean tissue as well as functional and metabolic advantages associated with healthy muscle mass.

“As a provider of ‘best-in-class’ whey protein ingredients, we specialise in developing bespoke solutions that best match the needs of our customers’ target markets, whether it is nutrition for sports enthusiasts or older generations,” comments Noel Corcoran, sales and marketing director. “Currently, the number of older people is higher than any other time in history and continues to increase, making healthy aging a top priority. Consumed as a part of an active lifestyle, whey protein supplementation is rich in BCAAs which promote muscle mass and strength, helping adults enjoy life to the full in later years.”

Well-known for its technical expertise and innovation in the sports nutrition industry, Carbery offers whey protein ingredients that can be used to enrich a variety of nutritional applications. In partnership with its sister company – Synergy – a global leader in flavour solutions, manufacturers can leverage combined formulation expertise to enhance premium quality whey products with a variety of authentic flavours, providing vital differentiation in a competitive marketplace.

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