Optipep® SN positive consumer feedback

Optipep® SN Consumer Research
November, 2010

Independent consumer research has established Optipep® SN as number one hydrolysed protein for taste performing significantly higher than leading products on the market in terms of overall taste and palatability. When tasted in an end product by serious sports enthusiasts and users of sports nutrition products, the new clean tasting hydrolyzed whey protein from Carbery was evaluated significantly better on overall taste, aftertaste, mouthfeel, aroma and appearance.

Carbery commissioned the in-depth sensory study to better understand consumer attitudes towards taste and acceptability in the sports nutrition arena. 300 serious sports enthusiasts between the ages of 26 and 35 based in the Netherlands participated in the study, each tasting one sample and providing detailed preference data. The research carried out by Opinion-Group who specialise in sensory evaluation of food & beverage products.

Paul Donegan, marketing manager, Carbery Food Ingredients commented: “We are strongly encouraged by the results of this detailed study, which validate our own research into the outstanding taste profile of Optipep® SN. As the sports nutrition market expands, consumer demand in the sector will place more and more pressure on manufacturers to produce nutritionally impressive products that provide an enjoyable sensory experience. Optipep SN hits the mark on both accounts.

“The framework set out in this study will allow us to benchmark new products to ensure our ingredients continue to surpass consumer taste expectations, enabling our customers to develop innovative, cutting-edge products.”

Optipep® SN allows sports nutrition manufacturers to incorporate hydrolysed whey protein without any compromises in terms of customer experience or flavour in final products. Nutritionally, Optipep® offers high levels of di- and tri-peptides which are ideal for rapid delivery of essential peptides for recovery and strength building. Optipep® also enables manufacturers to make a hydrolysed whey protein claim on their product labels to appeal to specific customer sectors.

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