Clean tasting hydrolysed whey protein

New addition to Optipep range
European whey protein manufacturer Carbery has re-launched its Optipep® range of hydrolyzed whey proteins for sports nutrition market based on a clean tasting profile which will form the cornerstone of its range. Characterised by in-depth studies at North Carolina State University (NCSU), Optipep’s new clean tasting profile makes it an ideal ingredient for sports nutrition and beverage manufacturers. Optipep also enables manufacturers to make a hydrolysed whey protein claim on their products labels to appeal to specific customer sectors. Nutritionally Optipep has high levels of di- and tri-peptides which are ideal for delivering nutritional benefits…

“By evolving our Optipep range, we are now offering our customers what is believed to be one of the best tasting hydrolysed whey protein (HWP) on the market”, comments Bridget Holmes Innovation Project Manager, Carbery. “Our industry leading research into HWP flavour profiles with NCSU, which started last year, included benchmark work comparing a range of leading products in the market place – the first in-depth study of its kind. The study, which focused on HWPs, demonstrated Optipep’s taste profile and suitability as an ingredient that will appeal to the growing market for sport and fitness-related nutrition.

“The research has given us the toolkit to produce consistently, clean tasting hydrolysates for our customers. In addition to this research, the neutral taste profile of Optipep has been achieved via the use of specialist enzymes technology and investment in process technology which all combined, minimise the impact of bitterness associated with hydrolysis.

Optipep provides a readily available source of essential di- and tri-peptides which are more rapidly absorbed in the intestine than free amino acids, other protein hydrolysates and intact proteins, helping sportspeople recover quicker after exercise.

The ingestion of Optipep also results in an increased insulin response. Higher insulin concentrations in the blood stimulate the uptake of certain amino acids into the muscle, promoting muscle protein synthesis and decreasing breakdown by inhibiting amino acid oxidation. In addition, like many whey proteins, Optipep delivers high levels of essential branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), which reduce the breakdown of protein to protect muscle tissue. Also Optipep maintains softness of bars and may allow a quicker release of essential amino acids.

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