Carbery unveils “Taste for Performance”

Carbery & Synergy to showcase joint protein and flavour capabilities at HiE 2014Stand J60, Health Ingredients Europe 2014, 2-4 December, Amsterdam

Carbery Food Ingredients and Synergy Flavours will unveil “Taste for Performance”, a unique collaborative protein and flavour platform, at this year’s Health Ingredients Europe show. The collective knowledge and capabilities of both companies in high protein applications provide formulators with an unrivalled ability to develop nutritional bars, beverages, and powders that strike the perfect balance of taste and performance. Brought to life through a series of specially flavoured prototypes including a unique ready to drink beverage, visitors will have an opportunity to experience the exceptional flavour and nutrition impact that this platform makes possible.
The latest collaborative research undertaken with North Carolina State University, into the sensory analysis of various protein sources, has provided Carbery and Synergy experts with a deeper understanding of how proteins bind and interact with flavour compounds. These insights enable the development of superior flavour profiles in protein-based formulations. Protein and flavour experts will be on hand to explain how the characteristics of different protein sources behave in application and how flavour science is applied to achieve the best possible taste.
Carbery’s leading range of hydrolysed whey protein isolates and concentrates, Optipep®, offers an exceptionally clean taste profile. The ability to overcome the problems of acute bitterness inherent in many other hydrolysed whey products, provides development teams with greater choice in flavouring high protein products with Optipep. As a superior quality protein, Optipep also provides a rich source of essential and branched chain amino acids and an optimised concentration of peptides. New research outcomes into the bioactivity of dairy peptides will be discussed, which provide innovation opportunities for infant, performance and clinical nutrition. Visitors are invited to meet with research scientists to discuss the importance of quantity, quality and timing of dietary protein intake in building and maintaining skeletal muscle mass and strength; optimising body composition and improving blood glucose management.

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