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Optipep® is our flagship range of specialised protein ingredients for infant formula.

Hydrolysed for digestive comfort

Many infants fed conventional formula suffer from gastrointestinal discomfort, primarily due to the difficulty of the immature gastrointestinal system to digest protein. By hydrolysing the proteins (breaking down proteins into smaller pieces), the formula will be easier to digest as the proteins are already “pre-digested”.

Optipep® is an advanced range of pre-digested proteins, produced using a proprietary hydrolysis process to create a unique portfolio of whey protein hydrolysates. Pre-digesting milk proteins selectively breaks down their globular structure, and forms smaller protein fractions called peptides. These can be easier for infants to digest. We specialise in partially hydrolysed 100% whey proteins for comfort infant formula, produced to the highest standards of quality, safety and integrity.

Our dedicated range of hydrolysed whey proteins for comfort formulae are specifically designed and tested for important quality descriptors such as antigenicity, molecular weight distribution and degree of hydrolysis and taste to ensure a consistent quality to this sensitive consumer group.

Optipep® 80 hydrolysed whey protein concentrates
Features Customised Features
• Partially hydrolysed
• 80% protein (dry basis)
• Rich source of essential amino acids (EAA)
• Naturally high in branched chain amino acids (BCAAs); leucine, isoleucine, valine.
• 100% natural
• Kosher and Halal approved
• Produced to the highest quality standards
• Fully traceable to farm source
• Targeted molecular weight profiles
• Low lactose options
• Low free amino acids
• Mineral profiles
• Micronutrient profiles
• Microbiological profiles
• Low bitterness
• Emulsification

Nurture your project to success

Partnership is where we excel. We love to work in collaboration, customising hydrolysates to a tightly defined quality and nutritional specification. A dedicated hydrolysis processing facility, proprietary technology and sophisticated techniques for compositional analysis mean we can offer greater flexibility and capacity to target specific and unique hydrolysate specifications.

Contact our protein scientists to recommend a sample, discuss a product specification or share new research insights.

Carbery recognise that maternal breast milk is the ideal source of nutrition for infants. We have a unique, multidisciplinary research programme based on dairy nutrition, which supports infant nutrition companies working within the international code of marketing breast milk substitutes (WHO). Collectively, we hope to identify breakthrough dairy-based ingredients which significantly advance infant formula technology, enabling formula-fed babies to receive more of the nutritional benefits as those of breast-fed babies.


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