Dedicated to advancing the science of whey

Smarter, personalised nutrition that maximises training adaptation for today’s athletes

Whey protein is the first choice for elite athletes, its efficacy is supported by over 50 years of research into nutrition, exercise and muscle metabolism.

  • Peptide profile means rapid digestion and absorption
  • Contains a high concentration of essential amino acids (EAA) and
    branched chain amino acids (BCAA)
  • Natural organoleptic properties offer a clean and neutral flavour base.


Hitting the new product development sweet spot

A new generation of users is increasingly aware that protein consumption and exercise builds and maintains muscle. They also know this is central to achieving their bodybuilding, strength, power and endurance performance goals.

Our nutrition and sports science experts help performance nutrition companies develop products that best meet their customers’ needs. We work collaboratively to deliver solutions that hit that perfect commercial, nutritional and sensory sweet spot.


How we create the perfect taste for performance

Great taste is an important component of nutritional product success. Uniquely, Carbery’s expertise crosses both nutrition and flavour. This means we can provide whey protein hydrolysates, concentrates and isolates with great taste, texture and nutritional impact in sports-ready formats such as ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages, bars and powdered supplements.

Optipep RTD

Optipep 4Bars

So how do we deliver superior taste and performance experiences?

Advanced analytical techniques enable us to capture and profile the flavour compounds responsible for the characteristic taste of individual proteins. Then we match this unique profile to a complementary flavour system. The result is clean, harmonious flavours for each protein type. Where a formulation is particularly challenging a combination of masking solutions and high impact, authentic flavours optimise the sensory experience.

Our commitment to nutrition and flavour research ensures that we continuously offer our customers the highest quality whey proteins and flavours. We have a number of research programmes driven by a global innovation team – these are;

  • Flavour impact & hardness in protein bars over shelf life
  • RTD Processing – Protein flavour interaction
  • Dairy taste solutions for whey protein applications
  • Process technologies
  • Analytical science
  • Sensory science

We can help you achieve taste perfection in your next sports nutrition formulation contact us today.


Performance nutrition innovation

Carbery is dedicated to advancing the science of whey. Our expert research and development teams continuously push new frontiers in whey protein hydrolysate research to help our customers create the best in performance nutrition with a great taste advantage. We are actively researching a number of recovery processes including;

  • Improving metabolic adaptation and performance
  • Repairing muscle post intensive exercise
  • Optimising muscle growth
  • Enhancing muscle glycogen re-synthesis
  • Restoring of fluid and electrolyte balance
  • Reducing illness and injury through enhanced immune modulation
  • Optimising oxidative stress to achieve maximum adaptation to training.

Learn more about our performance nutrition research programme here.

Find out more about our brands:

Optipep, our innovative range for specialised nutritional applications includes hydrolysed whey protein isolates (90% protein) and hydrolysed whey protein concentrates (80% protein). Targeted hydrolysis enzymatically digests the native proteins into smaller fractions and peptides. These are rapidly digested and absorbed delivering essential protein nutrients for growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Learn more about Optipep® Infant and Optipep® Sports.


The Optipep production process

Isolac, our whey protein isolate range, for use in performance nutrition, infant formulae, dietetic products and clinical nutrition, are high in protein (90%), low in fat and lactose. We use cross flow micro-filtration technology, a natural process that removes fat and lactose while concentrating the valuable whey protein fractions. Read more about Isolac here.>


Carbelac, our high quality whey protein concentrates offer great versatility across a wide range of food and beverages due to its functional (texture and mouthfeel enhancement) and nutritional (higher protein) benefits. Through ultrafiltration, we target premium concentrates with 35-80% protein. Read more about Carbelac here.>



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