Synergy Flavours Ltd acquires Italian natural flavourings supplier, Janoušek

Synergy Flavours Ltd has announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Janoušek, in Trieste, NE Italy. One of the world’s first suppliers of herbal extracts and natural flavourings and an expert in Italian profiles, Janoušek has been serving customers in its home market of Italy for 135 years and also operates across Eastern Europe. The acquisition of Janoušek will enable Synergy to expand into these European geographies with its specialist product ranges, which include flavours for nutrition and dairy taste solutions.

Synergy’s flavour creation and application capabilities span the globe – with commercial, manufacturing and technical support facilities in Ireland, the UK, the US, Brazil and Thailand. The company is part of the Carbery Group – a leading international manufacturer of speciality food ingredients, flavouring systems and award-winning cheese producer, owned by four Irish dairy co-operatives.

Steve Morgan, CEO, Synergy Flavours Ltd commented: “We’re thrilled to be welcoming the Janoušek business into our Group as it brings new expertise and products into our natural flavour, essences and extracts portfolio and complements our long heritage in dairy processing in Ireland and vanilla extraction in the USA. The Italian site has an excellent record for high quality manufacturing, offers room for growth with easy road access to much of mainland Europe.

“Janoušek is a growing, well run business and we have no plans for major or immediate changes. Our intent is to invest in and grow the team, adding new skills and new capacity to the site as required over the coming years.”

Jason Hawkins, CEO of the Carbery Group added: “With ongoing investment and expansion underway in the US, Asia and Brazil and recent investment in Mexico, our intention is for Synergy Flavours to be positioned to support customers across the world, regardless of borders or geography. The acquisition of Janoušek gives Synergy in Europe a new home on the doorstep of Eastern Europe, potentially easier access to the Middle East and an established base to support flavour and natural ingredient manufacturing for new and existing customers in Italy and the wider region.”

Carbery develops R&D tool for flavouring high protein products

Carbery Food Ingredients has created a new flavour map for a particular group of dairy protein hydrolysates in sports nutrition, providing R&D professionals with insights into the flavouring of high protein sports supplements.
The tool was developed with the latest Carbery commissioned research by North Carolina State University (NCSU), leading expert in the use of sensory analysis in combination with flavour chemistry. Its trained descriptive panels have extensive experience in dairy.
The map, based on the analysis of 22 commercially available whey protein hydrolysates, charts 8 different flavour profiles that fall under the categories of ‘umami’, ‘fermented’, ‘green’ and ‘milky’. This characterisation helps customers to optimise their choice of flavours with different types of whey protein.
Aine Hallihan, head of R&D at Carbery commented: “We created this tool to help our customers select the best flavours or proteins depending on their compatability. For example, when the protein base has creamy, milky notes, customers have a wider choice of flavours to choose from. This insight helps formulators to be more creative when developing sports nutrition products, providing consumers with greater variety and satisfaction.”
While protein hydrolysates are often found to be bitter, the recent study shed new light on the role of aromatic flavour compounds, concluding that key aromatics also play a role in defining the taste profile of protein hydrolysates. This insight was used to develop the R&D tool and is helping Carbery to better understand the inherent characteristics of different whey proteins and how best to apply flavour science to improve the taste of fortified products.
Carbery and its flavour company Synergy have been looking closely at how dairy proteins bind and interact with flavour compounds. For the first time the research has been extended to include a wider variety of protein sources. The insights from these studies will help create the next generation of flavours with better intensity, impact and stability for protein applications.
Carbery and Synergy are unveiling “Taste for Performance”, a unique collaborative protein and flavour platform, at Health Ingredients Europe 2014.

Carbery unveils “Taste for Performance”

Carbery & Synergy to showcase joint protein and flavour capabilities at HiE 2014
Stand J60, Health Ingredients Europe 2014, 2-4 December, Amsterdam

Carbery Food Ingredients and Synergy Flavours will unveil “Taste for Performance”, a unique collaborative protein and flavour platform, at this year’s Health Ingredients Europe show. The collective knowledge and capabilities of both companies in high protein applications provide formulators with an unrivalled ability to develop nutritional bars, beverages, and powders that strike the perfect balance of taste and performance. Brought to life through a series of specially flavoured prototypes including a unique ready to drink beverage, visitors will have an opportunity to experience the exceptional flavour and nutrition impact that this platform makes possible.
The latest collaborative research undertaken with North Carolina State University, into the sensory analysis of various protein sources, has provided Carbery and Synergy experts with a deeper understanding of how proteins bind and interact with flavour compounds. These insights enable the development of superior flavour profiles in protein-based formulations. Protein and flavour experts will be on hand to explain how the characteristics of different protein sources behave in application and how flavour science is applied to achieve the best possible taste.
Carbery’s leading range of hydrolysed whey protein isolates and concentrates, Optipep®, offers an exceptionally clean taste profile. The ability to overcome the problems of acute bitterness inherent in many other hydrolysed whey products, provides development teams with greater choice in flavouring high protein products with Optipep. As a superior quality protein, Optipep also provides a rich source of essential and branched chain amino acids and an optimised concentration of peptides. New research outcomes into the bioactivity of dairy peptides will be discussed, which provide innovation opportunities for infant, performance and clinical nutrition. Visitors are invited to meet with research scientists to discuss the importance of quantity, quality and timing of dietary protein intake in building and maintaining skeletal muscle mass and strength; optimising body composition and improving blood glucose management.

Carbery and Synergy highlight joint taste and nutrition expertise

Carbery & Synergy, stand 8C47, Fi Europe, 19-21 November 2013, Frankfurt, Germany

At FiE 2013, leading whey protein provider, Carbery, and its flavours division, Synergy, will showcase their unique joint expertise in flavour solutions and nutritional performance. They will highlight their technical knowledge and innovation capabilities – vital for food, beverage and nutritional products manufacturers developing great tasting products with enhanced nutritional content. Visitors to the stand will also be able to learn more about latest market insights, product innovations in flavour and nutrition and technical advances.

Leading flavour manufacturer, Synergy, will be showcasing its recently launched Cheddar cheese flavour solutions at the exhibition. Built on its extensive dairy heritage and cutting-edge flavour technology, Synergy has developed the range of innovative solutions to help manufacturers meet growing demand for rich, authentic Mature Cheddar flavour profiles across savoury categories.

Exciting applications featuring Synergy’s cheese flavour solutions available to sample will include Cheddar cheese twist discs and mozzarella and basil-flavoured crisps. Visitors to the stand will also be able to try enticing spiced orange chocolate brownies, delicious butter biscuits indulgent toffee popcorn.

Specialising in the supply of scientifically validated advanced whey proteins and with unsurpassed application capabilities, Carbery will be presenting some of the latest research it has conducted into fast-growing market segments, including weight management and glycaemic health.

To complement this, a series of original nutritionally enhanced soups, shakes and iced teas have been created with Synergy’s knowledge in delivering authentic sweet and savoury tastes to protein-enriched foods. Dairy and vegetable proteins will be featured, including the advanced whey protein ranges of Optipep and Isolac.

Experts from both teams will be on hand at stand 8C47 to discuss the joint production and technical support Carbery and Synergy can provide manufacturers.

Sethness Greenleaf acquisition

Carbery makes further US flavour acquisition

Following its recent acquisition of Sensus LLC, Carbery Group today announced that Synergy, its flavour division, has completed the acquisition of US flavour business, Sethness Greenleaf.

Based in Chicago, Illinois, USA, Sethness Greenleaf is a successful flavour business with a 120 year history in the industry. The company possesses very strong technical capabilities and the acquisition will strengthen Synergy’s offering to several key markets.

“This acquisition provides additional scale and innovative beverage technologies to Synergy, our flavour division”, commented Dan MacSweeney, CEO, Carbery Group. “Sethness Greenleaf has a strong position and an excellent reputation in the marketplace which has been built over many years. We believe that this acquisition will provide us with a platform for further growth and significant opportunities for expansion. Additionally, we are confident that the combined strengths of both businesses will enhance Synergy’s overall market position”, concluded Mr. MacSweeney.

This latest announcement follows Synergy’s recent acquisition of Sensus, which was completed last month. These combined acquisitions are important, strategic additions to Synergy Flavours and they will strengthen its position in the US and Global markets.
Carbery’s flavour division, Synergy, operates from a number of locations in North America and the UK together with having commercial and technical centres in South America and the Far East.

Carbery acquires Sensus

Carbery Group has announced its acquisition of leading natural essence and extract manufacturer, Sensus, LLC based in Hamilton, Ohio, USA.

The purchase provides Carbery’s flavour division, Synergy, with access to unique and innovative technologies for natural essence manufacture. This expansion also strengthens Synergy’s capabilities in several key markets, including the rapidly growing tea and coffee sectors.

“This acquisition furthers Carbery’s strategy of developing its position in the global flavours market. The acquisition of Sensus strengthens our capabilities and technologies in serving customers in the food, beverage and nutritional industries”, commented Dan MacSweeney, Chief Executive, Carbery Group.

Founder of Sensus, Dr. Daniel Wampler, who will remain on as President of Sensus, stated: “I’ve been impressed by the significant overlaps we have found between Sensus’ process technologies and Synergy Flavor’s technical platforms”.

Sensus is the most recent acquisition by Carbery’s flavour division Synergy, which now operates from a number of locations in North America and the UK together with commercial and technical centres in South America and the Far East.

Optipep® SN positive consumer feedback

Optipep® SN Consumer Research

November, 2010

Independent consumer research has established Optipep® SN as number one hydrolysed protein for taste performing significantly higher than leading products on the market in terms of overall taste and palatability. When tasted in an end product by serious sports enthusiasts and users of sports nutrition products, the new clean tasting hydrolyzed whey protein from Carbery was evaluated significantly better on overall taste, aftertaste, mouthfeel, aroma and appearance.

Carbery commissioned the in-depth sensory study to better understand consumer attitudes towards taste and acceptability in the sports nutrition arena. 300 serious sports enthusiasts between the ages of 26 and 35 based in the Netherlands participated in the study, each tasting one sample and providing detailed preference data. The research carried out by Opinion-Group who specialise in sensory evaluation of food & beverage products.

Paul Donegan, marketing manager, Carbery Food Ingredients commented: “We are strongly encouraged by the results of this detailed study, which validate our own research into the outstanding taste profile of Optipep® SN. As the sports nutrition market expands, consumer demand in the sector will place more and more pressure on manufacturers to produce nutritionally impressive products that provide an enjoyable sensory experience. Optipep SN hits the mark on both accounts.

“The framework set out in this study will allow us to benchmark new products to ensure our ingredients continue to surpass consumer taste expectations, enabling our customers to develop innovative, cutting-edge products.”

Optipep® SN allows sports nutrition manufacturers to incorporate hydrolysed whey protein without any compromises in terms of customer experience or flavour in final products. Nutritionally, Optipep® offers high levels of di- and tri-peptides which are ideal for rapid delivery of essential peptides for recovery and strength building. Optipep® also enables manufacturers to make a hydrolysed whey protein claim on their product labels to appeal to specific customer sectors.

Clean tasting hydrolysed whey protein

New addition to Optipep range

European whey protein manufacturer Carbery has re-launched its Optipep® range of hydrolyzed whey proteins for sports nutrition market based on a clean tasting profile which will form the cornerstone of its range. Characterised by in-depth studies at North Carolina State University (NCSU), Optipep’s new clean tasting profile makes it an ideal ingredient for sports nutrition and beverage manufacturers. Optipep also enables manufacturers to make a hydrolysed whey protein claim on their products labels to appeal to specific customer sectors. Nutritionally Optipep has high levels of di- and tri-peptides which are ideal for delivering nutritional benefits…

“By evolving our Optipep range, we are now offering our customers what is believed to be one of the best tasting hydrolysed whey protein (HWP) on the market”, comments Bridget Holmes Innovation Project Manager, Carbery. “Our industry leading research into HWP flavour profiles with NCSU, which started last year, included benchmark work comparing a range of leading products in the market place – the first in-depth study of its kind. The study, which focused on HWPs, demonstrated Optipep’s taste profile and suitability as an ingredient that will appeal to the growing market for sport and fitness-related nutrition.

“The research has given us the toolkit to produce consistently, clean tasting hydrolysates for our customers. In addition to this research, the neutral taste profile of Optipep has been achieved via the use of specialist enzymes technology and investment in process technology which all combined, minimise the impact of bitterness associated with hydrolysis.

Optipep provides a readily available source of essential di- and tri-peptides which are more rapidly absorbed in the intestine than free amino acids, other protein hydrolysates and intact proteins, helping sportspeople recover quicker after exercise.

The ingestion of Optipep also results in an increased insulin response. Higher insulin concentrations in the blood stimulate the uptake of certain amino acids into the muscle, promoting muscle protein synthesis and decreasing breakdown by inhibiting amino acid oxidation. In addition, like many whey proteins, Optipep delivers high levels of essential branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), which reduce the breakdown of protein to protect muscle tissue. Also Optipep maintains softness of bars and may allow a quicker release of essential amino acids.

Carbery consumer research

Carbery, has conducted in-depth market research to better understand end consumer preferences in the growing sport nutrition sector. Using a series of consumer focus groups and a special online-survey focusing on bodybuilders, the research project has provided invaluable insight into the perceptions and needs of sport nutrition consumers.

As a world leading manufacturer of whey protein and flavourings to the sector, Carbery, along with its subsidiary Synergy, are now better placed to lend invaluable insights and expertise to customers striving to succeed in this competitive arena.

Focusing on body-builders, traditionally the most common users of sports supplements, Carbery’s research identified that almost 20 per cent of respondents now used sports nutrition products primarily to improve general health and wellness.

This reflects how bodybuilder’s objectives have evolved to include more long term goals. For the majority of body builder respondents, cost is a major purchasing consideration with 70 per cent of respondents highlighting this as a key factor. I

Interestingly, in relation to flavours there is a good acceptance of natural varieties among heavier users, although preferred flavours in final products tend towards traditional ones such as chocolate and vanilla. The necessity to provide products that meet nutritional requirements, taste good and offer good value for money should therefore drive NPD and EPD in the sector.

A key finding of the research showed that sports enthusiasts and lifestyle users of sports nutrition products require more information about how to benefit most from sports supplements and how they can be used to suit their own health and fitness objectives. It is also apparent within this group that the majority of respondents only use sports nutrition products after exercise and not before – highlighting a potential focus for future NPD activity. It was also found that whey protein is largely misunderstood by sports enthusiasts and lifestyle users, highlighting the need to communicate more clearly its roots, origin and ‘naturalness’ story.

Paul Donegan, Carbery Food Ingredient’s marketing manager commented: “As a leading innovator in sports nutrition, we want to ensure that we never lose sight of what consumers actually want. This research has been invaluable in confirming some of our assumptions and uncovering new constraints and opportunities for us and our customers. It is clear that more work needs to be done by the industry to highlight the naturalness of whey to encourage consumers to look out for it.