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Are you ready to make great taste the difference in your nutritional products?

We help customers looking to make the most of market opportunities with the best tasting, high protein products. Because we combine flavour and protein expertise, we understand the complex relationship between protein and taste. We know how to formulate a protein supplement that delivers real impact.

Our extensive research and practical experience into this area has provided us with unique insights.

We are ready to help you create the best. As a leading producer of customised whey proteins and taste solutions, we can securely supply the core raw materials for protein supplements.

Our extensive application experience and team of protein and flavour experts will guide you through product development of even the most challenging or complex formulations.

We provide a full and agile service, from initial concept to the production of a complete nutritional supplement for your brand. With our insights and experience, we get your projects off the ground quickly, helping you find your space in the growing nutritional market, through the design, development, production, packaging and dispatch stages.

Our Taste for Performance approach


As a leading manufacturer of whey proteins and taste solutions, with over 40 years of formulating nutritional products, we are best placed to provide the latest insights for ideation;

  • Top protein and flavour trends
  • Latest nutritional science
  • Understanding consumer preferences
  • Regulatory developments.
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We have a global research network of application labs and centres of excellence which fuel our innovation culture and focus on;

  • Physiology and sports nutrition
  • Protein science
  • Flavour binding
  • Bitterness masking.
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We combine protein science, formulation and in-house flavour capabilities to enable your NPD to make the most of market opportunities;

  • Responsive turnaround time
  • Flavour impact and delivery, even in the most challenging pre-workout and recovery bases
  • Support and guidance on nutritional labelling, product claims and regulatory compliance.
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Complete nutritional solutions are not just the blending of individual nutritional ingredients. It requires;

  • Secure sourcing of consistently high quality ingredients
  • Understanding protein and flavour interactions in order to achieve the best flavour impact
  • Proven ability to handle valuable and sensitive ingredients.
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We are committed to delivering the highest quality products and services to our customers by focusing on food safety, efficiency and sustainability.

  • Comprehensive Certificates of Analysis
  • Kosher and Halal approved
  • ISO 9001:2008 accredited
  • Integrated food safety and quality management system.
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We are passionate about helping our customers formulate the best tasting high protein supplements. To protect this quality, we work with a selection of small and bulk delivery systems;

  • Sachets
  • Tubs
  • Cartons
  • Bulk bags
  • Tamper evident packaging.
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Deirdre Claesson
Sales Manager
Tel: +353 86 851 9638
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