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Dubliner Cheese

Dubliner Cheese prides itself on being a multi-award winning cheese, owing to lifetimes of heritage cheese-making. The flavour and taste of Dubliner is both distinct and unique. It is firm with a rounded flavour and a stable, slightly dry texture. Smooth to the palate, it leaves a gentle sweet lingering after-taste.

Even though Dubliner Cheese itself has been around a relatively short time, the tradition and craft that we use to make it has been handed down for generations. We’re pleased that we’ve been able to blend lifetimes of experience with progressive innovation to produce such a delicious product that is a success not just in Ireland, but also throughout the world.

Launched in Ireland in 1996, Dubliner Irish Cheese is now a well-known brand in the Irish market.

The Dubliner Cheese range suits all needs

The Original range has the staple, full-flavoured taste with crumbly texture. Original is available in Blocks (White & Red), Slices (White & Red) and Grated (Red)

The Vintage block has a more distinctive taste, as it is a further aged cheese. Vintage has a perfect balance of savoury & sweet notes with a good strong flavour and crumbly texture

The Lighter range has that delicious Dubliner flavour but with 33% less fat. Lighter is available in both White and Red Blocks and Slices.

Dubliner Cheese International


Dubliner Cheese is also available internationally under the Ornua’s Kerrygold brand.
Visit the Kerrygold website for more details >

Carbery Cheese



We produce a range of Carbery branded retail packs, currently available in the West Cork area.  With a variety of offerings, consumers know they are getting a quality cheese as soon as they see the Carbery brand.


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