Carbery Group 2014 Financial Results

Carbery Group, the leading international manufacturer of value-added ingredients, flavours and cheese, has reported Operating profit before exceptional items of €12.7 million for year ending December 2014. Turnover was €316.6 million. During 2014 Carbery Group maintained its focus on adding value to its operating activities with group capital expenditure of €14.7 million across its dairy, nutrition ingredients and international taste business divisions. Significant investments were made
in Carbery’s cheese processing facilities in Ballineen, Co Cork to facilitate post quota expansion.

Carbery’s nutritional business also had a good year in 2014, benefiting from strong markets and from increased output of specialised ingredients, in particular its hydrolysed protein range. The company is engaged in a number of public/private research initiatives including the Dairy Products Technology Centre and Food for Health Ireland.

Synergy, Carbery Group’s taste and natural extracts business, had another successful performance in 2014. Results were driven by growth and consolidation in the established markets in the EU and US with new markets in South East Asia and South America continuing to be areas of focus for Synergy’s international growth. In its first full year of operation Synergy Thailand has had a very successful year, with Carbery’s operating presence in the region facilitating significant new business wins. Synergy flavours US and EU also benefited from significant investments in new analytical and sensory capabilities to support their innovation drive and deliver a more tailored customer experience.

Recovery from exercise – what’s going on with muscle refueling and repair?

Dairy protein has a valuable role in recovery. Replenishment of muscle fuel stores with carbohydrate and protein should be a priority after exercise. This ebook, produced by Food for Health Ireland (FHI) and the National Dairy Council summarises the current focuses within sports nutrition research including the role and application for dairy, hydrolysates and bioactive peptides in sport nutrition. Download the ebook here

Food for Health Ireland (FHI) unites world-class science & industry expertise to improve health through innovation in food. Its purpose is to identify novel ingredients coming from milk to develop functional food ingredients which will offer health benefits to consumers. Established in 2008, FHI is one of the biggest technology centres in Ireland, funded by Enterprise Ireland and five major dairy companies including Carbery.

Why great taste differentiates

Aine Hallihan, Head of Innovation, spoke to FoodIngredientsFirst about the creation of a new NPD tool which makes flavour development easier. Through “Taste for Performance,” a unique collaborative protein and flavor platform by Carbery and Synergy Flavours, formulators now have a new ability to develop high protein nutritional bars, beverages, and powders that “strike the perfect balance of taste and performance.” Great taste is a key differentiator between the success and failure of high protein foods.

To watch this video on the FoodIngredientsFirst website, click here

Carbery develops R&D tool for flavouring high protein products

Carbery Food Ingredients has created a new flavour map for a particular group of dairy protein hydrolysates in sports nutrition, providing R&D professionals with insights into the flavouring of high protein sports supplements.
The tool was developed with the latest Carbery commissioned research by North Carolina State University (NCSU), leading expert in the use of sensory analysis in combination with flavour chemistry. Its trained descriptive panels have extensive experience in dairy.
The map, based on the analysis of 22 commercially available whey protein hydrolysates, charts 8 different flavour profiles that fall under the categories of ‘umami’, ‘fermented’, ‘green’ and ‘milky’. This characterisation helps customers to optimise their choice of flavours with different types of whey protein.
Aine Hallihan, head of R&D at Carbery commented: “We created this tool to help our customers select the best flavours or proteins depending on their compatability. For example, when the protein base has creamy, milky notes, customers have a wider choice of flavours to choose from. This insight helps formulators to be more creative when developing sports nutrition products, providing consumers with greater variety and satisfaction.”
While protein hydrolysates are often found to be bitter, the recent study shed new light on the role of aromatic flavour compounds, concluding that key aromatics also play a role in defining the taste profile of protein hydrolysates. This insight was used to develop the R&D tool and is helping Carbery to better understand the inherent characteristics of different whey proteins and how best to apply flavour science to improve the taste of fortified products.
Carbery and its flavour company Synergy have been looking closely at how dairy proteins bind and interact with flavour compounds. For the first time the research has been extended to include a wider variety of protein sources. The insights from these studies will help create the next generation of flavours with better intensity, impact and stability for protein applications.
Carbery and Synergy are unveiling “Taste for Performance”, a unique collaborative protein and flavour platform, at Health Ingredients Europe 2014.

Carbery unveils “Taste for Performance”

Carbery & Synergy to showcase joint protein and flavour capabilities at HiE 2014
Stand J60, Health Ingredients Europe 2014, 2-4 December, Amsterdam

Carbery Food Ingredients and Synergy Flavours will unveil “Taste for Performance”, a unique collaborative protein and flavour platform, at this year’s Health Ingredients Europe show. The collective knowledge and capabilities of both companies in high protein applications provide formulators with an unrivalled ability to develop nutritional bars, beverages, and powders that strike the perfect balance of taste and performance. Brought to life through a series of specially flavoured prototypes including a unique ready to drink beverage, visitors will have an opportunity to experience the exceptional flavour and nutrition impact that this platform makes possible.
The latest collaborative research undertaken with North Carolina State University, into the sensory analysis of various protein sources, has provided Carbery and Synergy experts with a deeper understanding of how proteins bind and interact with flavour compounds. These insights enable the development of superior flavour profiles in protein-based formulations. Protein and flavour experts will be on hand to explain how the characteristics of different protein sources behave in application and how flavour science is applied to achieve the best possible taste.
Carbery’s leading range of hydrolysed whey protein isolates and concentrates, Optipep®, offers an exceptionally clean taste profile. The ability to overcome the problems of acute bitterness inherent in many other hydrolysed whey products, provides development teams with greater choice in flavouring high protein products with Optipep. As a superior quality protein, Optipep also provides a rich source of essential and branched chain amino acids and an optimised concentration of peptides. New research outcomes into the bioactivity of dairy peptides will be discussed, which provide innovation opportunities for infant, performance and clinical nutrition. Visitors are invited to meet with research scientists to discuss the importance of quantity, quality and timing of dietary protein intake in building and maintaining skeletal muscle mass and strength; optimising body composition and improving blood glucose management.

Carbery and Synergy highlight joint taste and nutrition expertise

Carbery & Synergy, stand 8C47, Fi Europe, 19-21 November 2013, Frankfurt, Germany

At FiE 2013, leading whey protein provider, Carbery, and its flavours division, Synergy, will showcase their unique joint expertise in flavour solutions and nutritional performance. They will highlight their technical knowledge and innovation capabilities – vital for food, beverage and nutritional products manufacturers developing great tasting products with enhanced nutritional content. Visitors to the stand will also be able to learn more about latest market insights, product innovations in flavour and nutrition and technical advances.

Leading flavour manufacturer, Synergy, will be showcasing its recently launched Cheddar cheese flavour solutions at the exhibition. Built on its extensive dairy heritage and cutting-edge flavour technology, Synergy has developed the range of innovative solutions to help manufacturers meet growing demand for rich, authentic Mature Cheddar flavour profiles across savoury categories.

Exciting applications featuring Synergy’s cheese flavour solutions available to sample will include Cheddar cheese twist discs and mozzarella and basil-flavoured crisps. Visitors to the stand will also be able to try enticing spiced orange chocolate brownies, delicious butter biscuits indulgent toffee popcorn.

Specialising in the supply of scientifically validated advanced whey proteins and with unsurpassed application capabilities, Carbery will be presenting some of the latest research it has conducted into fast-growing market segments, including weight management and glycaemic health.

To complement this, a series of original nutritionally enhanced soups, shakes and iced teas have been created with Synergy’s knowledge in delivering authentic sweet and savoury tastes to protein-enriched foods. Dairy and vegetable proteins will be featured, including the advanced whey protein ranges of Optipep and Isolac.

Experts from both teams will be on hand at stand 8C47 to discuss the joint production and technical support Carbery and Synergy can provide manufacturers.

Stay in good shape with Carbery’s healthy ageing portfolio

Stand 4D47, Food Ingredients Europe,

Leading whey protein supplier, Carbery is launching a comprehensive portfolio of whey-based ingredients for healthy ageing at FiE 2011. Rich in branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) and highly bioavailable, whey protein promotes retention of skeletal muscle that naturally deteriorates with age – a key concern for over 50s. Carbery’s highly pure whey-based ingredients include whey protein concentrates, isolates and hydrolysates, suitable for fortification of a range of nutritional products including cereals, bars, beverages, meal replacements and supplements.

Loss of lean tissue mass, known as sarcopenia, currently affects more than 50 million people, with number of sufferers expected to reach 200 million by 2050. When sarcopenic losses reduce skeletal muscle mass below a critical threshold, activities of daily living are compromised and disability can occur. The need to address the growing consumer interest in healthy ageing has created a gap in the market for nutritional solutions designed for preservation and accrual of lean tissue as well as functional and metabolic advantages associated with healthy muscle mass.

“As a provider of ‘best-in-class’ whey protein ingredients, we specialise in developing bespoke solutions that best match the needs of our customers’ target markets, whether it is nutrition for sports enthusiasts or older generations,” comments Noel Corcoran, sales and marketing director. “Currently, the number of older people is higher than any other time in history and continues to increase, making healthy aging a top priority. Consumed as a part of an active lifestyle, whey protein supplementation is rich in BCAAs which promote muscle mass and strength, helping adults enjoy life to the full in later years.”

Well-known for its technical expertise and innovation in the sports nutrition industry, Carbery offers whey protein ingredients that can be used to enrich a variety of nutritional applications. In partnership with its sister company – Synergy – a global leader in flavour solutions, manufacturers can leverage combined formulation expertise to enhance premium quality whey products with a variety of authentic flavours, providing vital differentiation in a competitive marketplace.

Sethness Greenleaf acquisition

Carbery makes further US flavour acquisition

Following its recent acquisition of Sensus LLC, Carbery Group today announced that Synergy, its flavour division, has completed the acquisition of US flavour business, Sethness Greenleaf.

Based in Chicago, Illinois, USA, Sethness Greenleaf is a successful flavour business with a 120 year history in the industry. The company possesses very strong technical capabilities and the acquisition will strengthen Synergy’s offering to several key markets.

“This acquisition provides additional scale and innovative beverage technologies to Synergy, our flavour division”, commented Dan MacSweeney, CEO, Carbery Group. “Sethness Greenleaf has a strong position and an excellent reputation in the marketplace which has been built over many years. We believe that this acquisition will provide us with a platform for further growth and significant opportunities for expansion. Additionally, we are confident that the combined strengths of both businesses will enhance Synergy’s overall market position”, concluded Mr. MacSweeney.

This latest announcement follows Synergy’s recent acquisition of Sensus, which was completed last month. These combined acquisitions are important, strategic additions to Synergy Flavours and they will strengthen its position in the US and Global markets.
Carbery’s flavour division, Synergy, operates from a number of locations in North America and the UK together with having commercial and technical centres in South America and the Far East.

Carbery acquires Sensus

Carbery Group has announced its acquisition of leading natural essence and extract manufacturer, Sensus, LLC based in Hamilton, Ohio, USA.

The purchase provides Carbery’s flavour division, Synergy, with access to unique and innovative technologies for natural essence manufacture. This expansion also strengthens Synergy’s capabilities in several key markets, including the rapidly growing tea and coffee sectors.

“This acquisition furthers Carbery’s strategy of developing its position in the global flavours market. The acquisition of Sensus strengthens our capabilities and technologies in serving customers in the food, beverage and nutritional industries”, commented Dan MacSweeney, Chief Executive, Carbery Group.

Founder of Sensus, Dr. Daniel Wampler, who will remain on as President of Sensus, stated: “I’ve been impressed by the significant overlaps we have found between Sensus’ process technologies and Synergy Flavor’s technical platforms”.

Sensus is the most recent acquisition by Carbery’s flavour division Synergy, which now operates from a number of locations in North America and the UK together with commercial and technical centres in South America and the Far East.