Carbery showcases new range for nutrition

Carbery Food Ingredients, Hall 8, Stand 8H49, Food Ingredients Europe, 17-19 November 2009
Carbery is launching a range of whey protein ingredients for the health and wellness sector at Food Ingredients Europe this year. The family of ingredients is targeted at clinical nutrition and weight management market segments, as well as focusing on improving the nutritional profile of everyday food and drinks.

Comprising Whey Protein Concentrates (WPC), Whey Protein Isolates (WPI) and Hydrolysed Whey Proteins (HWP), the range is easily incorporated into cereals, bars, supplements and beverages and offers different levels of functionality and nutritional enhancement. For example, Optipep® is a hydrolysed whey protein (a pre-digested protein that ensures fast absorption), which is a key requirement for clinical nutrition.

Optipep® also delivers valuable functional advantages – it dissolves quickly, has excellent heat stability and overcomes shelf life and moisture retention issues associated with native whey proteins. These are particularly valuable in long shelf-life nutritional bar applications where it reduces hardening.

Ideally suited to low pH drinks, Isolac® Clear is a whey protein isolate that works well with many flavours and mainstream functional beverages. Produced using Ultra Filtration and Cross-Flow-Micro Filtration, Isolac® Clear ensures high quality and purity. Delivering excellent biological properties, clarity and a clean taste, Isolac® Clear enhances a wide range of applications, such as functional waters, beverages, energy drinks, recovery drinks and sip feeds. .

Carbelac® OMEGA 3 WPC offers manufacturers all the traditional nutritional benefits of whey protein with the beneficial eye, brain and heart health properties of long chain fatty acids. Perfect for use in clinical nutrition and weight management products, Carbelac® OMEGA 3 offers a unique nutritional proposition for health-conscious consumers.

Two instantised whey protein concentrates provide manufacturers with a versatile way to nutritionally boost a range of products. Carbelac® Instant, high in branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), is a clean-tasting, low GI ingredient which offers excellent solubility. Isolac® Instant delivers the health benefits of superior whey protein and is clean-tasting, with a low fat and lactose content. Instantised whey protein ingredients add value to slimming products, specialised medical feeds and everyday food and drinks.

To complete the range, Carbery’s Carbelac® Low Lactose WPC is high in protein, BCCAs and 100 per cent natural. Its low lactose content makes it ideal for use in weight management, clinical nutrition applications and foods for lactose intolerant people.

Paul Donegan, marketing manager at Carbery comments: “We’re pleased to be able to offer manufacturers a comprehensive range of ingredients for specialist and everyday nutritional fortification. Forward thinking solutions such as Carbelac® OMEGA 3 demonstrate our commitment to the nutritional sector and providing our customers with innovative ingredients.”

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